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New Science

New Science

There is a lot of confusion out there: All protein/fat diets are good and cure diseases. All plant based diets are good and cure The Disease, Cancer. Eat right for your type. Eat every two hours. Exercise fast; no, wait a second, exercise slowly. Do lots of cardio, don’t do very much cardio. And after all of this, the people who live to be much older than 100 are old ladies in France who drink a glass of wine at Woman on Track Stretchinglunch every day or some guy who lived through WWI, WWII and the Alamo and smokes a cigarette with his wine at lunch every day. Clearly there is something wrong with this picture. The most common conclusion and the easy thing to say is that it is all in the genetics and we should all do the best we can; viva le difference. But there is something unsatisfying with this answer and something incorrect. While some people might be satisfied with this sort of ignorance masquerading as science answer, still others look for a deeper theory. And you know what they say, seek and you will find.

Let’s start with something simple yet radical. Your body is not a collection of nano-machines that are controlled by lock-and-key protein/receptor interactions. To be sure your body and other living things for that matter, have elements that are analogous to machines that we use in our daily lives. It may surprise many of you to know that humans have actual, real structures that function as electrical diodes and transistors. No kidding, you can look it up in Dr. Robert Becker’s book. Before all you materialists out there jump on this as proof of something, let me also say that several other key aspects of living systems have been elucidated more recently. Living things including humans give off light and not as has been reported recently on the Net, but as Coherent Radiation. That is correct, you read it right, Coherent Radiation, just like a laser. These bio-photons as they are called are emitted from a coherent field that is made up of your DNA. This field is non-local so that all information not only stays in the system but is also shared throughout the entire organism simultaneously. What is more is that these fields can interact in what is known in physics as a condensed state or something that is a Superconducting state.The photons themselves appear to be key elements of communication and activation of processes. In other words, the lock-and-key diffusion model is not the actual operating mode of the body. So much for your body being a machine that you have to flood with molecules in order to elicit a positive response. It appears that it is Information that organizes and drives the processes in the body and this Information is shared with all tissues at least at the speed of light. You are literally a light being, from beginning to end.

Looking from another direction, to this point most models of body function and performance have treated it as a “closed system” with strict conservation of energy constraints. Such a system appears to be you connected directly to Man Pouring Helixa giant heat bath, the World. TAs we all have heard, because Entropy, that function that tells us about the “order” of the Universe, is always increasing, you will simply give in to the disorder, age and disintegrate. But, if we consider the body as an “open” system NOT at thermal equilibrium (no heat bath to worry about) and we take into account the Information provided to the Coherent Photon Field, then we can have what Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp call an “ideal open system” where the Entropy can be a maximum (satisfying Thermodynamics) and also “zero” being very ordered. The idea is that all tissues have a certain inherent coherent frequency (s) and that they are closely coupled so that all information is shared. Life, it turns out, is very complex, yet simple and very, very smart.

Up until now, we have all been working with the “closed system” connected to a heat bath model because that is the one we were taught. Unfortunately for all of us, it is wrong; but it is not just wrong, it is not even in the right ballpark. However, one may say that we, humans, have come a long way. The average life expectancy has gone up year over year; people are living into their 70s, 80s and 90s. We have transplants of complete organs and organ systems and neuro-science has begun to map the brain. And the greatest project of all, The Human Genome Project, has mapped the human genetic code and we have just begun to study it. But here are a few problems we have encountered:
  • Life expectancy has gone up primarily because of management of infectious diseases, some of which are on the rise again.
  • At least 2 Wars on Cancer have produced very little knowledge or gain in positive results. What gain there has been is the result of people learning to detect a problem early and tell their doctors.
  • When they found funding, scientists postulated that there were Cancer genes; they hunted and found them. Now the originator of the idea thinks it is all a mistake. Others are now busy finding more Cancer genes.
  • We have epidemics in chronic diseases such as Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes and Dementias.
  • The experts in the Human Genome had no explanation why there seem to be so FEW human genes. Also, it appears what they thought was “Junk DNA” is not. Nature, it seems, does not create an information system to run life processes that is full of useless things.
  • Scientists still maintain that the model of DNA to RNA to Proteins is a one way street. There is a mountain of evidence supporting a completely fluid genome with lots of communication going in all directions at once.
  • Little pieces of DNA are found circulating in the blood stream, indicating that DNA is also flexible and changes.
  • Athletes of all kinds are still using the old model of flooding the body with Un-natural chemicals to try to mimic the ones the body creates on its own. Side effects are rampant and can be detrimental. Everyone denies usage, even when they are caught.
  • Scientists are still looking for that One Gene or that One Molecule that will work a miracle, stop aging, increase muscle size and strength, max out endurance and shorten recovery times to zero. Oh yeah, and make everyone an acrobat when it comes to sex.
  • Humans continue to look “outside themselves” to find solutions to every situation.
  • The Placebo Effect is ever increasing in measured percentage during drug trials. Big Pharma does not know why their drugs increasingly do not outperform a sugar pill. The doctors in the trials are paid drones, so it can’t be confidence in them on the part of the patients. People are changing but no one wants to admit it.
  • Beings throughout the Universe continue to laugh at humans as we continually ignore our true capabilities and let others tell us what we should think and do.

Here are some of the good things that we have uncovered lately:

A new class of supplements called Catalytic Antioxidants has been formulated. These compounds carry the information that signals your body to up-regulate its own capacity to produce the natural antioxidant systems where and when you need them.

  •  Malfunctions in the Mitochondria result in the production of Reactive Oxygen Species that cause among other things Chronic Inflammation. Young Man Active
  • This Chronic Inflammation and the degradation of the Mitochondria are linked to aging, age and stress related loss of Lean Body Mass and a general loss of efficiency in the energy producing capacity of cells.
  • Malfunctions in the Oxidative Metabolic systems are also related to diabetes and cancer; this mechanism is no doubt related to the damage to the information carrying systems in the cell.
  • Disruption of the Oxidative Metabolic pathway can start with damage to the Small Intestine (Gut).
  • The Fluid Genome means that many aspects in the Environment can directly affect your DNA; you can change your DNA by many positive activities.
  • You are only limited by your belief or disbelief system.
  • Strenuous Workouts and overall stress put demand on the energy system which in turn results in higher concentrations of ROS. Without protection, these conditions cause damage and make it hard to maintain lean mass or increase lean mass.
  • Your body is not a simple thermodynamic machine. It is a highly coupled set of information systems that is designed for communication, growth and repair.
  • When any tissue loses coherence a “disease state” results. Healing involves bringing the tissue back to coherence. It is not always necessary to use large quantities of chemicals to achieve a healing state. Enlisting the body’s own healing systems is always preferred. A true case of less is more.